Typical engagements for Spark

Tech companies and investors come to us regarding the areas below.

We work shoulder-to-shoulder with speed and determination to resolve the challenges.

Market Definition and Product Positioning

Define your market, eco-system and key market drivers, illustrating the competitiveness of your position, how you bring actual value to the market, and concurrently reveal opportunities for a strategic shift.


Business Plan and Strategies

We ensure that there is a comprehensive business plan embedded within the organization with functional strategies in place and executed, driving the company and product performance towards breakthrough goals.

Operational Effectiveness

Develop and improve the efficiency of your company functions (Product Management, Sales/Marketing, R&D etc). Ways of working and structures are created matching your specific business reality to reach successful operational and financial outcomes.

Product Management Leadership

We ensure our clients are working as true product-led companies through Spark’s Product Management Maturity Model, securing scalability and product-led growth. Implementing Product Management structures, and tools such as roadmaps, product strategies etc.

Product Values Into Customer Messaging

We facilitate and bring forth your product values, translate them into value propositions, and shape market messaging to express the true value of your products to support and build sales.

Product and Technology Roadmaps

We assist our clients in building robust roadmaps that tell the story of the product vision and technology development. We delve into technology drivers, life cycles of competing technologies, product strategies, internal and external impacts.

Partnering Strategies For Acceleration

We help create highly competitive partner programs to accelerate growth, including partner strategies, specific partner positioning and value proposition, as well as programs for on-boarding, support, and sales operations.

Product Led Transformation™

Spark’s Product-Led Transformation™ is a cross-functional project finding gaps and resolving blockers to enable growth trajectories. With the team, we execute rapidly, igniting interactions between functions, embedding product-success thinking throughout the organization.