How to ensure your company achieves Product Led Growth

Product Led Growth – How to ensure your company achieves PLG

This is a video from the “Spark Webinar Series”, where we share our knowledge and experience.

PLG: Building and scaling your company’s success with the product as the focus. YFM Equities held a webinar with Beth Topolovsky and Louise Bernstein from Hubspot to discuss how companies can scale.

Among some of the things covered in this webinar are:

  1. What is product led growth? How does it differ from sales and marketing led growth?
  2. The importance of product value and “product success thinking” and how it aligns the whole organization.
  3. The role of the Product Manager, how it differs from the CTO and CEO, and when to formalize the PM role.
  4. How a company can transition into becoming product led.
  5. Knowing your customers (actually knowing them), the competition, trends and driving forces.

I’m happy to discuss further, if you’d like to know more about how we work at Spark. Just reach out.

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