How CEOs can Support Product Management

How CEOs can Support Product Management to Boost Sales

This is a video from the ”Spark Webinar Series”, where we share our knowledge and experience.

If you are a tech company CEO this webinar is for you. Find out about the 5 concrete areas that help product management to shift up and become a high-performance engine for growth.

  1. Operational and coordinating – the so-called “mini-CEO” role
  2. Requirements profile for employees – hard and soft personal qualities are crucial
  3. Roadmaps – how do you best use internal/external roadmaps?
  4. Prioritization – how to handle business trade-offs and say no when needed
  5. Product launches and releases – when are you “ready”?

Our goal is to help you take actions that boost sales and build long-term growth.
A Swedish-speaking version is found on our Vimeo channel, found here.

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Thomas Johansson is a product specialist at Spark group